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Ready in 10 mins

Vegetarian Meal

Get lip smacking vegetarian  delights ready in under 10 mins. 

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Indian Food

About Us

A brand crafted with the purest form of love; Motherhood!

Everyone loves their food but the problem is, not everyone can make those delicious meals they've grown up eating at home or at their favourite local restaurants. 

Don't worry! SOL Spices has that handled for you. We make delicious instant mixes that are as easy to make as your instant noodles and will 100% satisfy those taste buds of yours!

At SOL, we believe in creating the same delicious experience with every meal irrespective of where you are in 3 steps and under 10 minutes!

These authentic recipes are created by Mrs. Bharti Butani - Founder & CCO of Spice Of Life Foods. 

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Chicken Curry
New Arrivals

Try our newest spice mixes hand made for that perfect home-cooked taste. 

Various Indian Spices

SOL Spices was founded in the year 2020 when the world was hit by the pandemic.
The founders of SOL Spices, identified a pain point in the home made food sector with lockdowns imposed globally. With no places to order food from, everyone was forced to cook their favourite meals at home and with work from home becoming the only way forward, most working professionals could barely scrape through a proper meal.

There were also many students or individuals who lived alone, who were trying to get instructions on how to cook a simple dal khichdi over zoom calls with their parents or partners and were struggling to make it taste as delicious! 

These pain points is what gave birth to SOL Spices.

The core value of SOL Spices is to help you serve yourself your favourite dishes in “3 easy steps and 10 minutes”. You don’t need to be a chef to be able to make Paneer Makhani or Butter Chicken or Tikka Masala anymore.

You just need the all in one instant spice mix from SOL Spices.

Absolute delight! So easy to make and tastes just like home food.
It's my go-to packet for when I am missing home!

Arif Hemdani, Entrepreneur 

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